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Tidybase Pet Waste Removal

We take care of the dirty work for you

Tidybase Pet Waste Removal

Tidybase provides a comprehensive pet waste cleaning and removal service. We appreciate the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment for your family, customers, or employees. Tidybase offers various services to suit your needs, including one-time cleanings and weekly service

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Residential SERVICE

Pet Waste Removal

We offer both one-time cleaning services and regular cleaning programs to suit your needs

One Time Cleaning

Our one-time cleanings start at $65. With this service, you will receive a deep cleaning of both old and new pet waste build-up

Home Services

Spring Cleaning

Our spring cleanings run from March 15th through April 30th. This service entails the thorough removal of dog waste from the property. Spring cleanings start at $75

Every Other Week

A cleaning every other week. Service includes detailed yard clean up & waste removal. Starts at $40 per month. Service days depend on your location *


Our standard service is one visit per week, All regular weekly visits include a detailed yard clean up and waste removal Weekly cleanings start at $76/month. Service days will vary depending on your location *

Twice a Week

For MAXIMUM cleanliness. Our twice-weekly service includes two detailed yard clean-ups and waste removal per week. Starting at $18/ visit. Service days will depend on your location*

* If your home has not had a thorough yard cleaning within 5 days of the first booking, an initial clean-up fee may be required.

Why choose Tidybase?

Seemless Communication

Receive email and text notifications about upcoming appointments and cleaner arrivals. Easily manage your Tidybase services from your Client Hub.

Professional Cleaners

All Tidybase employees undergo screening and criminal record checks. You can expect your Tidybase cleaner to be professional and courteous, respecting the privacy and security of your home and yard.

Commercial Pet Waste Removal Services

Residential communities, senior facilities, animal shelters, and associations, Tidybase is here to help you with your pet waste problem

If you manage a commercial property or coordinate community events, you may be responsible for dealing with pet waste. We understand that pet waste can be a nuisance, and we’re here to help. Our team of experts will work quickly and efficiently to remove pet waste from your property. We’re committed to your satisfaction, and we’ll make sure the job is done right. If you’re looking for a reliable, professional solution to your pet waste problem, look no further than Tidybase.


Tidybase Pet Waste Removal is currently available in the Greater Belleville and Trenton communities. We may be able to accommodate one-time appointments outside of the service area. Please contact us to inquire.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to get to know you and your pets, and discuss any comments or concerns you may have about the pet waste services we provide. Our cleaning technicians will give your yard a thorough cleaning and remove the pet waste while ensuring the security of your yard.

In most cases, our technicians get along very well with dogs. However, dogs are territorial and do not always safely tolerate our technicians in the yard. We ask that the yard be pet free just prior to, and during your appointment ensuring the safety of our technicians. If there is no way to ensure the yard will be dog free, please contact us or mention this in your booking form. In some instances we can meet with the owners and their dogs, to build a relationship prior to your cleaning appointment (s).

Yes, please ensure that your gate is unlocked on your service day. You may provide us with a key to the lock or provide us with a combination, whichever is more convenient for you.If you find that the gate is locked, please note that we will do our best to return as soon as possible pending our schedule. If we are unable to gain access to your yard, you may be charged for the service call.

We certainly do! Your pets continue to make that mess all year round and Tidybase is committed to cleaning up and removing dog waste throughout the winter. We’ll work in most weather conditions, but heavy rain, snow, or a declared State of Emergency can stop us. If there is heavy snowfall or heavy rain, we will postponed service until conditions improve.

If you need to suspend or cancel your service, please email us or call the office. You will be reimbursed for any remaining fees for that month, if applicable.

We will do our utmost to collect all the waste in your yard, even if there is snow or leaves partially obscuring it. Having said that, we may miss some waste under certain circumstances. Please be understanding, as we will always take the time and do our best to give you the best possible service.


Our company, Tidybase, provides pet-waste removal services to residences, businesses and commercial properties. By using our Services, you agree to the following Terms of Service which govern the sales and services we provide.


The customer understands that our ability to provide the Services may be affected by weather conditions, the height of the grass, access to the customer’s yard, and other unknown outside influences.

Tidybase offers a variety of pet waste removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Services include one-time, weekly, every other week, and twice-weekly cleaning, as well as seasonal cleaning. Prices are based on an average area size of 1/8 – 1/4 of an acre. Larger areas may incur additional charges.

Pre-billing for Tidybase service is done on a monthly basis. Your account will be charged on the first of the month for service. One-time cleanings will be billed after the service has been completed. If your card is declined, we will discontinue service immediately until the issue has been resolved. If more than 30 days pass without payment, a first time clean fee may apply on service resumption.


We will temporarily suspend service for periods of up to 30 days. 

We charge extra for the following services:

-Cleaning/sanitizing dog waste from decks/patios/sidewalks

-Return requests

-Cleaning rocks/pebbled areas

-Waiting: If there is an unreasonable wait time to perform the service.

We will always do our utmost to keep your yard clean and tidy. We understand that it can be difficult to keep on top of things, especially when the weather is bad or there is a lot of debris around. Thank you for understanding that we will always do our best to clear away any mess.


If your grass is tall or there is excessive debris when we arrive, there may be some dog waste that we miss. We will be back on our next scheduled visit and will get anything that was missed if yard maintenance is complete. If you find an excessive amount of dog waste that we missed, please let us know as soon as possible so we can take care of it.

As long as it is safe to do so, Tidybase will continue to work through rain and cold weather. Our customers understand that we are unable to work during severe thunderstorms, high winds, extreme temperatures, flooding, or an accumulation of snow.


Regular Tidybase cleaning services are a monthly subscription service. We cannot refund missed weeks due to weather; however, we will skip service for that week and see you the following week.


Unfortunately, we are unable to issue a refund as we still need to collect the waste that would have been removed the previous week. If you require the area to be cleaned before your next scheduled service, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request, although we cannot make any promises.

Tidybase does not provide services on the following holidays: Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, August 1, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day Thru New Year’s Day. If your clean-up day falls on one of these days, we will skip service that week and pick up the following week. There are no refunds for a missed cleaning. We still have to do the work and remove all of the waste from the week prior.

The customer understands that if Tidybase is unable to access the area needing cleaning due to locked/blocked/frozen gates or dogs in the yard, the scoop will be skipped and charges may still apply. Tidybase suggests adding gate combinations or lock keys to your file to avoid locked gates.

We may collect personal information from you on our Sites or through any other digital or personal communication with you. Information collected by us is voluntarily provided by you and may include information such as your name, email address, phone number,
and physical address. Our Sites may collect general information about the service you are requesting such as the type of property and area needing service, the type and
number of pets you have, and general information about your pet’s behavior.

We collect information about you in order to provide you with our services. We use
personal information about our users for a variety of purposes related to our business, your information is for Tidybase use only. We will never sell your information or send it to third parties.


We may provide user information to third-party service providers or vendors for purposes of, including without limitation, processing your payments or sending
information to you, data tracking, maintenance or development of our System. We may also share your personal information in connection with law enforcement requests or in
response to investigations, subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes to
establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims or as otherwise
required by law.